Do you feel...

  • totally burned out?

  • that you’ve tried every diet out there but just can’t lose weight?

  • tired and cold all the time?

  • like you lose weeks out of the month to nasty period symptoms like PMS and super painful cramps?

  • bloated and just... heavy?

I hear you! Heck, I was you!


Hi, I’m Dr. Katie! I love coffee and sunshine, and I am OBSESSED with teaching women how to ditch dieting and heal their bodies. When you fuel your body with nutritious food, you can expect to have balanced energy, reach a healthy weight, and have easy, pain-free periods.​



My passion for this work was sparked after I realized I had broken my metabolism by trying all sorts of restrictive diets. Intermittent fasting, keto, low-carb, you name it - I've tried it.

My goal was to get smaller, and my health suffered because of it.



In fact, I was:

  • So tired, I would drag myself out of bed in the morning with the promise of a nap later on.

  • I would lay down on the floor to play with my toddler because I could hardly hold myself up.

  • I was too busy to eat during the day and by night-time I would eat everything I could get my hands on. I’d binge almost every day.

  • I was so bloated even my “comfy pants” were getting uncomfortable.

  • My hands, feet, and nose were cold all the time. 

  • My libido was nowhere to be found.


But all of that changed when I stopped punishing my body with diet and exercise and finally discovered the secret of how to ACTUALLY support and nourish my body from the inside out.



So where has this information brought me?


Well, today...

  • I fuel my body with delicious food all day, and don’t have cravings or binges anymore, ever.

  • I have lost inches around my waist, and I don’t get bloated around my cycle!

  • I am finally warm! I don’t have to wear socks to bed or warm up my feet against my hubby!

  • I have energy to exercise and it doesn’t leave me feeling like I need a nap after. It leaves me energized!

  • My libido is back - praise hands!

So listen - if you’re here because you want to lose fat and have energy to play with your kids, or because you want to finally get to the bottom of those horrible PMS symptoms, or because you’re SO ready to nix the bloat and FINALLY feel like YOU again, I want to teach you how to do exactly that - but instead of the usual “eat less, exercise more” advice that never works, let me show you a better way.

I proudly present:

The Metabolic Method

My signature method that teaches you the exact steps to take to support your body to heal your metabolism using food and daily lifestyle habits.

For the woman who… 


- Has tried every diet out there 

- Wakes up exhausted but has trouble sleeping at night

- Is always chasing the next diet, and not getting results

- Has wondered if they may have low thyroid function, but their doc says their blood-work is “normal”


Because you deserve to have boundless energy, healthy hormones, and feel confident in your body!

What’s included:

  • 1:1 support

  • Meal Plan

    A delicious, nourishing, family-friendly meal plan with a shopping list and 40 recipes you’ll ACTUALLY look forward to making!

    (value $49)


Let me show you the power of The Metabolic Method!



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Payment Plan

The Metabolic Method was so helpful for me in changing my eating habits. Within the first meal change, my resting basal body temperature improved drastically. Having Hashimoto's, I used to always be freezing. Eating right for my metabolism and thyroid has been so helpful in my health journey. I have better energy, temperature regulation and less inflammation.

I have seen a HUGE improvement in my sleep, better than I've slept in years! And my energy is way better!


Metabolic Method student

No more afternoon crashes, better energy throughout the day, and much more stable in my moods and emotions. I feel SO MUCH BETTER!

Metabolic Method student

I am finally on the right track. For my health. Not just the weight loss, it's about truly feeling better and giving my body what it needs.

Metabolic Method student

Thank you again for all of your support and information you shared with me in the Metabolic Method! It has truly changed my life! I feel healthy and like myself again. I’ve been able to start healing my chronic reflux and gut, my mood and blood sugar are balanced, I have so much more energy, and my libido has gone way up (😘)! I’m continuing to learn, make changes and improve my health. The group has also helped me identify some disordered eating and body image issues which I’m starting to heal from as well. Now I view food positively and know what my body needs and why. This has become more than just something to try because I was desperate, but a true and much needed lifestyle change ❤❤❤️​

E, Metabolic Method Student